Holy Granth Sahib Ji

After the meeting of Kabir Sahib JI & Garib Dass Sahib. Kabir
Sahib ji took Garibdas ji's soul out of his body & here on the earth the villagers considred Garib Dass Sahib dead, placed him on a pyre and started preparing to cremate him. At the same moment of time kabir sahib introduced the soul of Garibdass sahib Ji in his body. Garibdas sahib became alive.From that day, Garib Dass Sahib started giving updesh to the people . In a short period of time Garib Dass Sahib get famous in the whole country .A Dadu Panthi mahatma Gopal Dass visited village Chuddani and met Garib Dass Sahib ji. After hearing Garib Dass Sahib ji Speech he requested the Garib Dass Sahib ji to dictate the whole speech so that he could write it.Garib Dass Sahib agreed & Day of purnima was set to start for writting and place known as jand sahib in chhudani dham .At present due to the action of present head of Garib Dassiya Samparday Sh. Mahant Dayasagar ji a temple has been constructed by the name JAND SAHIB MANDIR where akhand path of baani keeps on 24*7 Hrs .Sh.Garnth Sahib consists almost 7,000 verses of the poet Kabir followed by 17,000 of his own. The granth Sahib is written in a mix language, it has so many words from different language like Arabic,Gujrati & Many other regional language that were spoken at that time till Afganistan & across himalaya valleys.

You can read whole the granth sahib of Baba Garib Dass Ji Maharaj here .


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