Satguru Brahm Sagar Ji Bhuriwale

Shri Satguru Braham Sagar Bhuriwale had a lot of faith & devotion toward Chhudani dham. Every time he used to say his devotee that who ever wants to worship me or wants me happy one should go to Chhudani dham and do services their.The precious thing by Satguru Garib Dass Sahib ji to this world is Shri Granth Sahib which is worship by all the devotees of Swami Bhuriwale.

Swami Brahm Sagar Bhuriwale was born in 1862 on 22 august on Wednesday at Rampur dham district Ropar in Panjab on Janamashtmi. The day of Janamashtmi is very religious in Hindu culture.Swami ji was born to the the house of Smt. Bholi Devi and Sh.Veeru Ram in Poswal gotar. Childhood name of Swami ji was Shri Ganga Ram. He devoted his whole life in the worship of god.

At the age of 20 years Swami Ji enters in saint life. He took naam-diksha from Swami Dayanand ji devotee of Swami Brahm Dass Goddhi wale. With the blessing of Swami Dayanand ji shri Ganga Ram changes to Swami Brahm Sagar Bhuriwale maharaj. Old people of that time used to say that most of the time they have seen the tiger doing parikarma around Swami ji and many times a very strong beam of light around his body appeared.

Shri Satguru Braham Sagar Bhuriwale was called by the name ‘Bhuriwale maharaj’ becuase he used to wear a black colored shawl that is called ‘Bhuri’ in Punjab.Brahm Sagar Bhuriwale Maharaj makes a lot of prachar of Satguru Garib Dass Sahib Baani all over the world. Chhatri sahib Mandir Chhudani dham was constructed under the guidance of Shri Brahm Sagar Bhuriwale, where clothes and other vestments of Satguru Garib Dass Sahib are displayed in open showcase for the darshan of followers in shri Chhudani dham temple. If followers give new clothes to the Swami Bhuriwale Maharaj he distributes that cloth into other saints by cutting it into many pieces.

According to Swami Bhuriwale Maharaj the one who is sitting on Chhatri Sahib Chhudani dham guru-gaddi is not an ordinary person he should be treated equally to Satguru Garib Dass ji maharaj.Doing the great service to mankind on 22nd December 1947, Tuesday at Jhaloor Dham Swami Bhuriwale Maharaj left this world. A temple has been constructed at Jhaloor dham in the memory of Swami Bhuriwale Maharaj.

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In Bhuriwale Garibdassi Samprday, Swami Laldass ji maharaj was the second guru who sit on guru-gaddi of Swami Brahm Sagar Bhuriwale.After Swami Laldass Ji pram-pujniy Swami Brahmanand ji Maharaj becomes the third one who sit on guru-gaddi of Swami Brahm Sagar Bhuriwale.At present Vedanta Acharya Swami Chetnanand ji Maharaj Bhuriwale(Kashiwale) is sitting on the guru-gaddi.

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In Swami Braham Sagar Bhuriwale parampara Swami Vidhyanand Ji Maharaj, Swami Darshan Dass ji, Swami Sankranand Ji , Swami Gopalanand Ji, Swami Bhumanand ji, Swami Prakashanand ji, Swami Govindanand ji, Swami Ajranand ji, sadhvi Gurbaksh korr ji, Swami Nityanand ji Rmtaram, Swami Diwananand ji, Swami Surydev ji, Swami Brahmswroop ji, Swami Anubhvanand ji, Avdhoot Keshvanand ji, Swami Sachdanand ji, Swami Krishnanand ji, Swami Dasanand ji, Swami Ramtirth ji, Swami Aatmanand ji, Swami Sarvanand ji, Sadhvi Bimlanand ji, Swami Kalyan Dev ji, Swami Karmdass ji, Sadhvi Harbansanand ji and many more high level saints are present in samparday.

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