Shri Mahant Daya Sagar Ji

Shri Mahant Daya Sagar Ji Present head of Garibdassiya samprday was born on 22 November 1961 to the family  of 7th head of Garibdassiya Samprday Shri Mahant Ganga Sagar ji & Matashri Omwati ji On a special day of KARTIK PURNIMA at Chhudani Dham. The day of kartik purnima is very religious in Hindu Culture.

When Dayasagar ji was 8 Year old he got the responsiblity of whole Garibdassiya Panth due to bad health condition of his father (7th Shri Mahant Gangasagar ji) .Shri Gangasagar ji tilak dayasagar ji and gave him the post of “SHRI MAHANT” .  Shri Mahant Dayasagar ji Passed his 10th class from Kendriya Vidhalya Jhajjar. Then he completed his higher education from Nehru College Jhajjar. Under the guidence of Shri Mahant Gangasagar ji he comes first in every class. After completing his education he tooks the responsiblity of CHHATRI SAHIB MANDIR & whole Garibdassiya panth .

With the blessing of Shri Mahant  Gangasagar ji & matashri Omwati ji Dayasagar ji doing a lot of hardwork for promoting Garibdassiya Panth. In 1991 When Shri Mahant Dayasagar JI was of 30 years old he got married to VANDANA ji daughter of Choudhary Ishwar Singh Dagar from Jhadodha New Delhi.

At present Shri Mahant Dayasagar JI had 2 daughters Divya & Somya completing their higher education in Delhi. After a gap of 15 years Dayasagar ji & Vandana ji got twin Son on 29 may 2009. Celebration of this news was made in whole Garibdassiya Panth. Shri Mahant Dayasagar JI had 5 elder sisters Mrs Chanderkanta, Ratanlata, Swarnlata, Premlata, Snehlata & 2 younger sisters Kiranlata,Deepika. Shri Mahant Dayasagar JI had 4 Younger brother Mr Premsagar,Kamalsagar,Anandsagar & Ratansagar. All above are living a happy and peacefull life & all the family member takes a lot of interest in Chhatri Sahib Mandir activities & help a lot to Shri Mahant Dayasagar ji in performing his duties regarding panth. Some years ago a younger brother of Shri Mahant Dayasagar JI  left this world in an accident. Bandichhod Sahib keep his mighty hand over whole family.

Under the blessing of Bandichhod Sahib & in the guidence of panth Matashri Omwati ji this joint family had devoted their whole life to the humanity.


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