First Guru

Acharya Garib Dass Sahib was born In Village Chhudani, District Jhajjar,Haryana India. In a well known family of jats Sh.Balram ji & Smt Rani ji.A rich farmer Sh.Hardev Singh from chhudani dham offered the hand of his daughter Rani to Balram Singh resident of village karontha Haryana.One day Hardev Singh requested Balram ji to look after his vast property & Lives in chhudani .Shri Balram Singh & Shri Rani Devi did not have any child for 12 long years. After such a long period of time Balram ji & Rani ji doesnot hAvE any child at their home . A yogi came to chhudani dham he tells that Balram ji & Rani ji are not ordinary people. So a great soul will be born in their house. On Baisakh purnima of 1717 Garib Dass Sahib took birth . He bcomes a sapritual teacher and teaches the whole world chapter of humanity . He has written almost 24000 words of wholly book which is called "Shri Granth Sahib ji".Garib Dass Sahib Ji also known as a world class saint poet.No
 other saint poet of medieval India has written in such abundance and on so many facts of spiritual life. Garib Dass Sahib was a true saint in the sense that he never tried to win favour of kings and rulers. He never sought the patronage of any court. During his life time, many invasions and upheavals took place. One king after another was toppled.

Meeting with Satguru Kabir Sahib Ji
Garib Dass Sahib Ji met God Kabir Ji at age of 10 years in a field named Nalaa in 1727 A.D.. Garibdas Ji along with his other fellow milkmen was tending his grazing cattle in his Nalaa field which is sticking to the boundary of Village Kablana. The milkmen requested kabir sahib to have food but kabir sahib denied by saying that I have come after having food from my Satlok village. At that moment, God Kabir Ji said that I drink milk of an unmarried cow. Garibdas Ji brought an unmarried cow to satguru Kabir sahib Ji and saidthat “Babaji, how can this unmarried cow give
milk?”. Then Kabir Sahib ji patted on the back ofthat unmarried calf, automatically milk started flowing from the udders of the unmarried calf and stopped when the pot became full. Satguru
Kabir sahib Ji drank that milk and made child
Garib Dass Sahib Ji drink some as prasaad and showed him Satlok.

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